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I Will Not Be Afraid of Women

A Female Friendships Ficathon

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All Members , Moderated
Who: An off-hand comment about the lack of fic focusing on female friendship led to the idea for a ficathon. The idea has percolated during the summer, and now here we go!

We'll claim the Thelma and Louise Do Outer Space ficathon of a couple years ago as an inspiration. We're also affiliated with femme_fic.

What: A prompt-based, multi-fandom ficathon that focuses on the bonds of female friendship. There are other and great places to celebrate female characters as such, and there are other and great places to celebrate femslash. Our goal is to celebrate non-sexual/non-romantic relationships between women. Gen, if you like. The characters may, of course, be involved in outside romantic or sexual relationships, whether canonical or not, but the focus of the fic should be on the non-romantic/-sexual relationship between the two (or more) female characters.

When: Prompts will be collected from Tuesday, September 2 – Monday, September 8. Once the mods stop hyperventilating over all the lovely prompts received and organize them, the prompts will be posted in some (hopefully) organized manner for the taking. Writing can begin as soon as you see one that tickles your fancy.

Fics will be due by Sunday, November 16. Hopefully that way it will not interfere with US Thanksgiving on the 27th plus provide lots of lovely fics to read when Great Aunt Edna pulls out her slides from her trip to the Grand Canyon.

How: As mentioned above, we will collect prompts for one week, between September 2-8. Any and all fandoms are welcome as long as the submitter understands that some prompts may not be written. When submitting your prompt, please list the fandom, the names of the characters, and then your prompt.

For example: Stargate: SG1, Vala and Sam, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Once posted, anyone can write any prompt: there is no need to claim prompts. This might mean we end up with 12 responses to Sam and Vala, Space Pirates and zero responses to Sam and Vala, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but that's okay. This way we all get our first choices.

On the due date, you should post your story to the community: either post the whole story there or post a link to the story in your own journal, whichever you prefer. We do ask that the fic is archived within the community in some way. A master list will be provided.


1) When you say multi-fandom, do you really mean it?

Yes. If you want to post a prompt for the Disney Princesses, we will take it.

2) How many words?

At least 1000 please. There is no maximum, so go crazy in that direction if you like.

3) Can I write more than one?

Yes, please!

4) Crossovers?

Sure, why not. [ETA for clarification: You may submit prompts for crossovers. Please don't turn a non-crossover prompt into a crossover story.]

5) So what happens if I don’t finish my fic in time?

You will be required to send your mods chocolate covered, peanut butter filled pretzels once a week until completed.

But as this a no-guilt indulgence, we really won’t beat you up over it. Feel free to post your story when you are able.